Contextual Leadership Intensive

A powerful process used to guide leaders through an experience that enables them to achieve breakthrough results.

See the Box

You can't see the box from inside the box. Discover what is limiting and constraining you as we hold up the mirror.

Is that a Fact or a Conclusion?

Discover the conclusions that have been masquerading as facts.

At what cost?

Examine the unintended consequences of your conclusions.


Create a new context that empowers you and the people around you.

Engage and Sustain

Design practices and strategies to live outside the box.

Results with Velocity

Use the Contextual Leadership methodology to produce results with velocity.
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"Nothing ever happens to us except what happens in our minds." - Eleanor Roosevelt

While this intensive embraces traditional leadership development approaches, it extends far beyond conventional methodologies. At its heart is a profound understanding of the role that a person's individual and organizational context plays in shaping their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and results. Being an extraordinary leader is more about who you are than what you do. It's about how you impact others and how well you harness the resources within yourself and others to achieve sustainable results.

Developed by the Institute for Women's Leadership, this methodology takes individuals through a 5 step "trade up" process to identify their context, examine the impact and create something new for the future. This program shines a light on one’s blind spots and supports the individual in choosing a new context that will enable them to achieve the next level of greatness.

What is ‘context’?

A person’s context is the unconscious mindset from which they operate. It is shaped by the conclusions they’ve drawn from their personal experiences (e.g., childhood events, family beliefs, education and social conditioning) and the character of their organization (e.g., its culture, values, traditions and past leadership).

The brilliance of the methodology lies in its simplicity, uncovering the context in the background. Context produces actions and behaviors and actions produce results, divided into some percentage of positive and negative. For managers who deal with the challenges of developing people, mastery of the Contextual Leadership methodology is a powerful tool that simplifies and accelerates the process.

Attendees can expect an environment of generosity, empowerment, relationship and creativity while using an applied learning approach to solving tough business challenges.

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